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Lattimore Materials is a leading provider of ready mix concrete and aggregate products to the building trades in the North Texas area.  LMC is a family owned company headquartered in McKinney Texas, 20 miles North of Dallas Texas on US 75.  LMC has 14 ready mix concrete plants surrounding the Metroplex and 7 aggregate mining operations in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma.  LMC has always focused on being a good neighbor and very environmentally conscientious.  Whether it is reclaiming at our aggregate operations, recycling unused concrete, or reducing consumption of and recapturing water at our batch plants, LMC is always looking for ways to improve our industry.

Aggregate Operational Excellence
Environmental stewardship is a major concern at LMC's aggregate operations.  All material is kept damp, and all material hauled by LMC vehicles is tarped.  Also, all main travel areas are kept damp to prevent dust from truck traffic.  In a state that has no laws requiring reclamation after aggregate mining, LMC has been on the forefront of returning mined land to useable and desirable property.  The pinnacle of this achievement can be seen in the property at Ambrose, TX.  This area on the Red River was reclaimed and turned into a game preserve with over twenty species of animals from all over the world.

Concrete Operational Excellence
At the concrete batch plant locations LMC tries to minimize the amount of waste produced and resources consumed.  This is achieved by a thorough system of recycling.  The heart of LMC's systems are concrete reclaimers that separate the sand and gravel from the cement paste.  The sand and gravel is then returned to the stockpiles and the cement paste is diluted and transferred to slurry pits.  The clear water pits are designed to catch, contain, and treat any water or liquid run off.  The primary function of these pits are to collect rain water to be reused for all plant functions such as: batch water, dust control, truck washing, stockpile moisture control, and concrete reclamation.  Air quality is maintained by dust collection systems on top of the silo units and loading point units that are inspected daily for proper operation and performance.
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